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Welcome to Solar on Panels!

Make the Sun work for you!

We provide affordable solar panels solution for your residential, commercial and business.

Solar on Panels offer a wide range of systems for customers to choose from such as 3 KW solar systems, 5 KW solar systems and 10 KW solar systems. Further, we also guide our customers in enabling them choose the best option for their needs. We are here to make a difference to our customers, our investors and all other folks whose lives we touch through our work. We strive ourselves to usher in positive sentiments to our environment at large and to our society as a whole. We do this by offering for you the best solar products and services available in the market here in Australia to meet the specific needs of our customers.

About Us

Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems, Home Solar Systems Melbourne, Victoria

We are a leading solar innovation company focusing on delivering energy and long-term peace of mind with our solar systems.  We recognize that the only way we grow is by helping you grow, so we take the time to listen, to understand your business and recommend cost saving, energy efficient solutions that really fit your bill.

Solar on Panels is a family owned business with a team of well-versed professionals comprising of sales executives, credited installers and electricians. Our team is thorough with their installations and hence you will be assured that everything will be taken care of at each step right from the first call till the system is installed and running with 100% customer satisfaction. We have an individualistic approach to each client and we never offer you a set of the everyday standard solar panels energy decisions. We offer free consultation to enable you choose the right solar system for your needs.

Message from the Director

Amer Hoblos

Amer Hoblos

My main focus is to establish solar energy as a key source of energy in Australia. We want to have each home generate its own power and it's very possible.

Solar on panels gives you solutions for reliable power year after year. Solar costs are coming downs and getting more competitive with other conventional power sources.

I welcome all your enquiries to info@solaronpanels.com.au

Why you should choose solar on panels?


  • In house  accredited solar designer
  • In house accredited solar installer
  • In house A Grade  electricians
  • In house professional sales executives

Our Promise 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


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